WiFi HotSpot Provider


Wi Fi Hot Spot Service for Restaurant, Cafe, Small Business


At WiFi HotSpot Provider we specialize in providing WiFi Hot Spot Service solutions for your Restaurant, Cafe or Small Business. Providing a WiFi HotSpot ads significant value to your Restraint, Cafe or Small Business ensuring that your customers keep coming back.


WiFi For Your Small Business


We Provide WiFi HotSpot Installations for Small Businesses, Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Cafes and More. If you need Wireless Internet at your establishment Contact us today and we'll answer any questions you might have.


Let's face it These days everyone has mobile devices which require a Wireless Internet Hot Spot to get them connected. WiFi HotSpot is almost expected at your establishment. It's not just an added bonus to draw business in, it's an amenity both your customers and staff expect. For a small investment you can give your customers the WiFi they need to continue their day while they visit your MDU, restaurant or small business.


Your business might close for the night, but we never do. We don't just offer the best service in the industry, offer 24/7 top rated customer support and a fully managed and monitored network.


WiFi HotSpot Installation


Having WiFi HotSpot Provider install a blazing fast high quality Hot Spot doesn't cost much and it doesn't take much work, but the payback is priceless. Contact us today, we'll come down and inspect your property so we can provide the perfect custom WiFi Hot Spot solution for your establishment.


No Matter what your needs, WiFi HotSpot Provider has the solution for your Wi-Fi Service needs.


Our 24/7 back end and front end support is unmatched in the industry and our custom solutions ensure that your HotSpot is branded with your message. We have WiFi solutions from paid options for your customers (you can actually make money from providing a paid HotSpot!) to free WiFi access to draw your customers in. When you choose WiFi HotSpot Provider for your Wireless Internet solution, you get the best in the industry at competitive prices.


WiFi HotSpot Provider

24/7 Managed and Supported

HotSpot wifiWhether you are open all night or just for lunch and breakfast you'll get the same treatment from us. When you choose WiFi HotSpot Provider for your HotSpot installation we provide fully managed 24/7 network management, monitoring and support to ensure that you and your users are always up and running. And if anyone has any questions about service you'll be happy to know that we have the highest rated customer service in the industry so no matter what time it is you can talk to a friendly support team that ensures your customers always walk away with a smile.

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Branded WiFi Hot Spots

Branded Hot Spot

Offering High Speed WiFi to your patrons and staff makes a great impression, but that impression is wasted if it isn't directly connected to your business. That is why we have invented a variety of custom solutions to help you brand your service. From custom designed login pages to the way our customer support teams handle calls from your customers we put the control in your hands. Don't just provide WiFi for your Restaurant, Cafe or Small Business, provide WiFi that ads value to the brand you've worked so hard to build.

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Secure Wi-Fi HotSpot

Secure WiFi

Whether you own a Restaurant, Cafe, Small Business or other establishment you need to know that your WiFi Hot Spot is 100% secure. Let's face it countless people come to your business everyday, and while you want to provide each customer with unmatched WiFi service, you don't want hackers enjoying your patrons private data. That is why our focus isn't just on providing a secure WiFi Hot Spot, it's about being the WiFi HotSpot provider with the best custom solutions in the industry to prevent unwanted access to our clients WiFi.

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